A New Approach


Free of charge consultation meeting

  1. We begin by discussing what the investment available for the project and compare that to the current costs are to do the project.

Design Phase

  1. Consult with the interior designer – either selected by the homeowner or provided by Homeworks by Kelly.
  2. Work with designer to create new space
    Designer produces:

    1. concept design
    2. material specs

Scope & Budget

  1. Enter into Design/Budget contract w/ HomeWorks by Kelly
  2. Site visit with all subs that will perform work at your home. We will obtain a do not exceed bid from them based on the plans and scope of work.
  3. Price out the actual materials you are planning to use
  4. Homeowner and the designer establish the final budget and scope of work.
  5. Adjustments to the design and scope may be made to keep the project within the desired budget.


  1. Enter into construction contract.
  2. Create a production schedule.
  3. Create detailed job book
  4. Order materials to ensure they are on-site when needed.
  5. Subs are notified in advance when they will be needed onsite to perform their tasks.
  6. Establish start date


  1. Invite homeowner to project management website.
  2. A pre-construction meeting with the homeowner and carpenter:
    • Establish the house rules
    • This meeting will also cover what to expect during construction.
  3. Dust protection and demo started.
  4. HomeWorks and designer will meet with the subs throughout the project to make sure they are following the plans as well as problem solve any issues that might come up.
  5. The homeowner is communicated with through the project so that they are aware of any schedule changes and what to expect moving forward.
  6. Punch list is created about ¾’s into the project so that subs can finish up their tasks.  The homeowner is asked to help build the punch list.
  7. Final clean of space and quality control is done to ensure there are no issues that need HomeWorks attention.


  1. Space turned over to the homeowner.

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