About Us


Home Works by Kelly is a full-service remodeling company that puts the emphasis on project management.  We provide guidance, planning, and management for a successful remodel, no matter how big or small the job.  Remodeling or building a custom home can be a very scary task to undertake.  There are many questions, unknowns and fears that can arise.

Maybe you have remodeled before, had a great experience and are looking for a new contractor.  Maybe your expectations were not met and you would like to have more control this time around.  If you have never remodeled you are probably overwhelmed with questions, advice from family and friends, and terrified that your project will become one of the horror stories you have heard about.  Some questions you may have are:  How much will this project really cost me and can I afford it?  How long will this impact mine and my families lives?  Will I be happy with the design and materials when all is completed?

Kelly started her business after several years working for a design/build firm.  This approach works well for many homeowners, but she also felt that there were many homeowners that were stuck and just did not know what direction to take.  By hiring HomeWorks as your advocate and then hiring your designer or architect separately you are more in control of the process.  You can create a team that is working for you.

Also, by taking your time and not rushing into construction we can design a plan and see if it fits into your budget, select and price out all the materials to be used, do site visits with your potential subcontractors to obtain firm bids, as well as discuss or eliminate any possible unknowns so that we know your plan will work without a lot of cost over runs.  We also create a construction schedule so you know each task to be performed and how long the project will take.

Once we have all the answers (or at least those that we can answer before demo begins) we can move into the construction phase with all the information needed to order materials and schedule subcontractors.  With this process We have been successful at completing projects on budget and on schedule.

We are true believers that each remodeling project needs to have its own path created.  By being your advocate, we are going to look out for you and your budget.  We are going to create the path that works the best for you and not rush into the construction phase.  We are going to make sure that you are comfortable with every decision that has been made so that when you do decide to pull the construction trigger you are ready to order the materials, work with the team and you know how to schedule your life around the remodel.

I call this a “New approach to Remodeling” because we are creating a custom path.  We have also chosen to bill for time on an hourly basis instead of an overall mark up.  This approach allows you to hire HomeWorks for the entire job or just fill the holes.



Safety is the most important of our core values. It is our first priority during every work day.



We actively support and provide guidance throughout the remodeling process – always looking out for your best interest and your complete satisfaction.


We are committed to finding the best path to a successful remodel through clear focus and strong personal and professional relationships.

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